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Welcome to the humble site of Old bricklayer, if you wish to alter the web page size, just move your cursor to the edge of the page, your mouse cursor will change to a double sided arrow, then press down your mouse button, and drag it to the width and height you wish, this method works for Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.
Monday 15th December 2014, I have just had Simon come and visit me to day, he was sent to sort out a care plan for me, if they are all like him, I will eventually die like a human being, as most people do, and not buried up to my neck in out of date food, bought on the Internet. Never play hell about having to go to the shops, for a fresh loaf of bread, and a bit of shopping, and a perhaps a meal at a local cafe as I use to, I have a £2000 mobility scooter that is trapped in the storage area used for mobility scooter, but I gave up asking for scooters to be sorted out, all I would get would be a blank look, and nothing done, other people where putting mobility scooters in with out permission, and then there is the ill fitting door to contend with, that never gets fixed, making it so difficult to open, I can no longer knock it open, by ramming it with my shoulder, all concerned with the running and maintenance of the building, should be sent on a training course, I have repeatedly asked for my main entrance door lock release to be fixed, but all I was told was there are a few not working in the building, and the system is to be upgraded, many times I have gone to the main door to let some one in, and they have gotten fed up and gone, one day they may know what it is like to be disabled,as one day they may be disabled like me?.

Main entrance door lock release still to be fixed, all I get from the warden is that the system is going to be upgraded, mean while all deliveries made to me, have to give me time to some how get to the door and let them in, or a kind tenant will let them in for me, I cannot get a date for the upgrade of the control that opens the main door, all I can do is wait and keep apologizing to the delivery drivers.? So hear is how to get in.
When you are stood facing the main door, you will see a brass panel on your left, Press the Clear Button on the Panel, this will clear any previous entries, Then press the button marked: Trade Button Then enter Key Code: 5860, then press the call button. The door should then unlock, walk into the reception area, the warden should be at her desk on the right hand side, ask her the way to Barry Page at Flat 33, if she is not there, follow the sign for flat 33, I will try my best to get to you, I am disabled and have difficulty walking, and my door release does not work. Out of Hospital Monday 14th September 2015 Just move over any underlined text with your mouse, if it is a link, to another section of my web site, or a external link, the Links will turn blue, and your Cursor will turn from a pointer to a hand, just click on it with your mouse, to go where you wish.
Below are links to a few Building firms, that may help you find a job, just click the Blue link. The links below will take you to a few of the UK's Top Building Companies, and job site Agencies, that I thought may be of help to you, just click on the link with your mouse, this is a free site run by a retired bricklayer.
Below is a link to my tribute page for my brother, known to all his friends as Pod.
My Brother Pod

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